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Ferry de Kok



Indien u annuleert binnen 24 uur na boeking is dit kosteloos.

Indien u annuleert na 24 uur na boeking brengen wij u 50 euro administratiekosten in rekening.

indien u annulleert binnen twee weken voor aankomstdatum dan zullen wij de betaling niet retourneren. U kunt deze kosten wellicht verhalen op uw annuleringsverzekering.



We, the Meiland / Renkema family, started our new adventure in February 2019 in the village of Beynac, eight kilometers from Limoges, the city famous for its porcelain. You might know us from the Dutch version of the program '' No going back"  in which we were followed in 2006 during the renovation of  a castle and  in 2007 while actually running a B & B in the castle.

Years later, when the kids were grown, we again started searching for an inspiring location further south and after about two years we found this beautiful family-estate. The central location near a great city like Limoges and the peaceful surroundings of the castle were exactly what we were looking for.



The rooms are named after the women who once lived on the estate. Book one of the three spacious castle rooms or the two Suite´s for four people.




In the morning you can enjoy an extensive French breakfast on the sunny terrace or in the cozy

dining room.



The estate is situated on 6,5 hectares of land consisiting of forest and meadow. Via a forest trail you reach the river Vienne.



The outdoor pool is surrounded by a terrace with comfortable sun beds. Here you can enjoy the sun and have a refreshing dip in the water.

Free Wifi


Free Wi-Fi is available in and around the Castle.

Top 5 restaurants 

La Table des faubourgs.                               14 Avenue de la Vienne, 87110 Bosmie-l'Aiguille

Le bistrot gourmand.                                   5 Place Winston Churchill, 87000 Limoges

L'Amphitryon.                                              26 Rue de la Boucherie, 87000 Limoges 

La Versailles.                                                20 Place d'Aine, 87000 Limoges

La Villa.                                                         297 Avenue Baudin, 87000 Limoges





TThe closest airport to the castle is Limoges Airport, a 15-minute drive by car. We offer a pick-up
and drop-off service to this airport that you can book together with your room reservation. This
airport services mainly direct flights from the UK.

Bergerac Airport is a 2-hour drive from the castle. This airport has direct flights to and from
Rotterdam. When you book your flight you can immediately also reserve a rental car with your

Bordeaux Airport is a 3-hour drive from the castle. Easyjet and KLM offer direct flights from
Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. When you book your flight you can immediately also reserve a rental car with your booking.





The Limousin region is known for its porcelain. In the town of Limoges you can find the Bernardaud porcelain museum with both antique and modern designs.

Station toure


The station of Limoges is a historic monument. It is a masterpiece of eclectic architecture and worth  a visit.


The Limousin cows are known for their delicious tender meat. It is said that this is due to their carefree life style and the many years they spend in the meadow.

Castle route 


Southwest of Limoges you can follow the Castle route of  Richard the Lionhearted, king of England, who lived most of his life in France.  The route takes you along winding roads and castles where you can still feel the atmosphere of the past. 

Oradour sur Glane


The village is a breathtaking testament to the horrors committed during the second World War.

At the entrance of the village a museum has been created which is located underground. When
you pass the entrance, you will eventually come above ground right in the center of the village.
Everything has been kept exactly how it has been left that one fatal day during the war.


There are three golf courses in the vicinity, one of which is public, the other two are semi-public (CFP required).